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Those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy quality coffee every day are aware of the positive effect that lies behind it. In addition to the fantastic community that is built over a cup, it also does a lot for your business, and the environment.


Small, but important things like providing your guests and employees premium coffee ensure that you get more regulars to your restaurant and shows to your office colleagues that your care about them.

3 things quality coffee can do for your company

  1. A survey made by Nespresso shows that sustainable quality coffee can have a significant impact on employee’s overall view of their workplace and the culture it promotes. With access to high-quality perks, such as fantastic coffee, your employee’s and guests will feel more valued. It’s a small way to let them know that their contribution is important and that you want to take care of their needs.

  2. As competitiveness increases, attracting and retaining employees and guests is more important than ever. Not to mention the importance of strengthening the external perception of your business. Companies need to provide that little extra perk. Sustainable quality coffee is one such thing that can make a difference.

  3. High-quality coffee can also create better well-being in your workplace. Regular coffee breaks can help employees stay focused and reduce stress during busy days. That small break can make a huge change, maybe a new idea will be born!

Boost your business with sustainable quality coffee

Numerous studies show that quality coffee can boost your business and increase your margin. For example, the American pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharp & Dohme wanted to increase its sales profit and took help from the analysis company Humanyze. They noticed that coffee was the social trigger.

Large coffee stations and small tables were replaced by small stations and larger tables, located in different areas, to create unplanned meetings with employees from different departments. The result? Sales increased by 20%.

Another example is when the call center department at Bank of America tried to reduce the burnout of colleagues and high staff turnover. They introduced a 15-minute coffee break. The employees got the chance to relax, socialize and get some new energy before the next call. Result? Shorter sales calls, lower stress and productivity increased by 10%.

Sustainable quality coffee can also enhance your guest experience. The main focus when visiting a restaurant, hotel or office is the meal itself, the service, the room or the meeting. But that little extra, like a fantastic sustainable coffee after a meal, in the lobby or at the office can lead to the deal or recommendation you want. These things are very important for the overall experience. And those who invest in it will see results.

Let your guests, customers and employees have a full experience, from start to finish. An easy way to increase the total experience and margins of your company.

With a really good coffee with a fantastic look, we can give that little extra to our customers. Like Bjurfors, Nespresso is a brand in the premium segment, and Nespresso's quality coffee is completely in line with our motto "One step up".

- Bjurfors, Malmö

5 health benefits of coffee

In addition to the fact that coffee can do magic for your business by increasing productivity and driving guests, it also comes with many health benefits.

  1. A study by Seoul National University claims that just the smell of coffee can reduce your stress levels.
  2. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, the risk of becoming depressed is 10% lower if you drink coffee. Because of all the good antioxidants.
  3. Coffee can, according to a study done by John Hopkins University, improve your short-term memory.
  4. Studies claim that coffee prevents Alzheimer’s and other illness like type 2 diabetes.
  5. Research also shows that substances in espresso, unlike other coffee, can counteract or completely remove irritations in the stomach.

Conclusions, with quality coffee in your workplace, restaurant or lounge you get healthier and happier employees and guests. A great choice for you and your business!