Lungo Origin Guatemala

110 ml
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Lungo Origin Guatemala

30 coffee capsules
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A blend of Arabica and washed Gourmet Robusta coffee, Lungo Origin Guatemala is a smooth and balanced blend with intense dry and malty cereal notes underlining its bold character.



A fine Arabica from Guatemala brings a delicate balance, rich complexity and a silky texture to this lungo, while a specialty washed Robusta that is carefully and selectively processed, imparts structure and smoothness. The latter also reveals the typical cereal taste of Robusta, clear but non-aggressive.

Aromatic profile

Intense dry and malty cereal notes.


A short and dark roasting enhances its bold attributes and aromatic complexity.

How to enjoy

A Lungo coffee is a longer-style Espresso drink, and Nespresso's Lungo Grand Cru capsules guarantee flavor to the last drop. Lungo Coffees are rich in aromas and can be enjoyed tall and black, or mixed with milk.

Unique flavors from a single origin...

A Nespresso Pure Origin Grand Cru come with unique and striking characters; each sourced by the Nespresso Coffee Experts from a single country of origin in specially selected territories. A Pure Origin upholds the same high quality as all our Grands Crus, with the exclusivity of the unique aromatic profile of a specific region.

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