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"Coffee makes your day. This coffee makes your whole week!"

"One of the first things they told me when I started my job at the agency was: just so you know, we will never change anything around the coffee. Back then, I didn’t understand, but I surely do now. Nespresso is so good. There is a saying that coffee makes your day, but this coffee makes your whole week."

Päivi Palva Väänänen, Office Manager at Kaiku Advertising Agency, Helsinki, wants her coffee from Nespresso.

“I actually bought two machines home. One for our place here in Helsinki, and one for our summerhouse. I love the mail man for delivering our coffee capsules out in the country side."

Päivi’s enthusiasm and engagement in her work is very notable. You can tell that she takes her mission: to keep the staff happy, very seriously.

Kaiku, the cool Helsinki based, advertising agency has around 30 employees. And Päivi knows the coffee preferences of each and every one. "You might get me in trouble for writing it, but some people here get VERY grumpy if they don’t get their right morning coffee", says Päivi with a smile. "That is why I am so happy that we get really quick refills. And I love being in contact with your customer service. It actually feels like calling a friend."

To Päivi, her colleagues and the agency’s clients, the 13 Nespresso varieties are very important.

"It makes a good impression to our guests and the employees are super happy when the different boxes arrive. To me, who puts a pride in my job, it is nice to see that Nespresso Professional does the same.

People here often work late at night, and to clean the milk device before they go home is of course not on their radar. So, when the first ones entered the office in the morning, they had to start their day by doing the dishes. Not popular… Our Nespresso Professional guy Mikko fixed it by finding us an extra milk container.

That is true passion to me – that you always go the extra mile for your clients."