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Choose the best coffee solution for your Fine Dining establishment

Coffee solutions for fine dining - Nespresso Professional

Satisfied customers

When it comes to serving your customers, we know that attention to detail is of utmost importance. We understand that your reputation depends on providing your customers with impeccable service and consistent quality.

Nespresso is renowned for our expertise and we implement high standards across our value chain. You can look forward to consistently reliable products and a dedicated Customer Service team that is always on hand to listen.


Yannick Alleno, 3 Star Michelin French Chef and one of Nespresso's Culinary Ambassadors, talks about his passion for cooking and how coffee is an integral part of his culture.

Glasses specially made to make the most of your guests coffee experience - Nespresso Professional

Prestigious partnerships

To inspire the world's leaders in Fine Dining, Nespresso has formed partnerships with associations of renowned gastronomists, Chefs and Sommeliers around the world. These include Relais & Chateaux, Le Bocuse d'Or and the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe association which connects passionate young restaurateurs combining an innovative spirit with entrepreneurial flair. Furthermore Nespresso is the proud partner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) and the world's best Sommelier, Paolo Basso.


The Nespresso Coffee Sommelier™ and Chef Academy Programs

Nespresso has developed two unique educational programmes where professional sommeliers and culinary experts who wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world of coffee. Through the sommelier program, they will learn how to conduct a complete sensory analysis and pair coffee with other culinary food.

Coffee solutions for fine dining establishments - Nespresso Professional


Reliable and efficient solutions

Combining streamlined design and state-of-the-art technology, all professional-grade machines for restaurants are equiped with an exclusive extraction system. Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos or any one of our delicious milk-based coffee recipes can be prepared simply and quickly. Nespresso machines force water at an ideal temperature through the ground coffee thanks to a high-pressure pump. This powerful extraction process generates an incomparable crema (the golden foam that sits on top of the Coffee and which seals in all the coffee aromas.

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Since the beginning, Nespresso has been dedicated to support and positively develop the coffee farmer

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