The Heart ❤️ of Home project contributes to changing lives

When we started this fantastic project in 2019, our goal was to change lives of women and their families in Colombia. One of the most common health problems in Colombia is indoor air pollution due to cooking over open fire, so we decided to help with modern eco-stoves. Eco-stoves eliminate pollution, reduce the amount of firewood and improve housing for farmers.

Quality coffee from the roots

Making a complete cup of coffee, with the right taste, heat and crema requires not only a Nespresso professional machine but also the highest quality of coffee. A process of measured decisions, careful selections, strong relationships, and committed programs.

Has anything changed for our farmers since the eco-stove?

We contacted our partner Cafexport in Colombia, to find out if our farmers are experiencing a positive change after the installation of the eco-stove. Cafexport visit them quite often during normal times, but due to Covid-19 it is now much more difficult to travel within the country. However, at the time of our call, they had just visited a couple of farmers’ families.

On a typical day before the eco-stove, farmers started early in the morning to light the fire, to heat up the house and to be able to cook a few hours later. They had to feed the fire with huge amounts of wood all day, just to keep the embers and heat going. The walls of the houses were damaged by the open fire, not to mention the lungs of the inhabitants, which were impacted by the air pollution and particles.

With the eco-stove, farmers can now start the day later in the morning. Thanks to the eco-stoves, the heat is retained much longer and warms up the home faster due to the closed stove. This means much less wood is needed to get a higher temperature and a comfortable home. And - best of all- the families feel better than in a long time, without without polluted indoor air.

"I’m very excited with my eco-stove, because it doesn't smoke"

Here is Alba Nury Aguirre, she is the owner of the coffee farm La Italia Farm, located in Colombia. Alba has been part of the Nespresso AAA program for five years. She likes the collaboration with us and feels that it helps her develop her business. Listen to what she tells about how the stove has improved the daily life for both her and her family.

“I like Nespresso very much because they give us a lot of help”

This is Ana de Jesus Mejia, she is the owner of the farm El Nivel. Ana has been part of the Nespresso AAA Program for 18 years. Listen to her story about the eco-stove and how the Heart of Home project and Nespresso Professional contribute to a better life for her and her family, without polluted air.

Why eco-stoves and not gas or other solutions?

In a coffee plantation, the farmers renew the plants after 5 to 6 years. To ensure income stability, farmers replace seedlings regularly, which ensures a tree rotation. When the trees are cut down, the wood is used for cooking and heating. It is a long tradition in Colombia to ensure that coffee trees are used for good reasons and as a saving for the farmers.

A collaboration that builds strong relations

Commitment and belonging, we believe is the key to a long-term and successful collaboration. To build a strong relationship with trust and value, farmers contribute to 10% of the eco-stove. No further obligation is asked from them, but a stronger commitment and bond between us. Nowadays, this initiative motivates many other families to be part of the fantastic project Heart of home.

Nespresso already has its own sustainability program, does Premium Coffee need to do this? Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, the long-standing collaboration between Nespresso and the Rainforest Alliance was launched, in 2003. Today, the AAA Program supports 110,000 farmers to grow the highest quality coffee more sustainably, enabling Nespresso Club Members around the world to enjoy Sustainable Quality™ coffee.

With its triple focus on quality, sustainability and productivity, the AAA Program is unique within the coffee industry and something to be proud of. Premium Coffee’s project is a small, but important complement to what Nespresso already does.

What if you join the movement?

In a complex context this year, this first achievement motivates us more than ever to support many other families and improve their living conditions. And we want to do more, maybe with you? Contact us and we will tell you more.