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50 coffee capsules
coffee capsules

A seasonal variety, with an elegant balance between bitter notes and toasted cereals. ICE INTENSO is designed to be enjoyed over ice with or without milk. A real thirst quencher!

Best served as: 1 coffee capsule (40ml) over a handful of ice cubes (90g) and top it up with cold water or cold milk (90ml)


Not every coffee tastes as good as when extracted over ice. After a long and hard hunt this blend of South American and Indonesian Arabicas was found. The dark roast deliver the bold roasted notes and rich aromatics you expect from an intense iced coffee. ICE INTENSO gets a split roast. Both roasts are medium-dark to bring out the fruity notes and keep some of the coffees’ sweetness intact.

Milk Description

This coffee pairs beautifully with milk. Try your ICE INTENSO as an Iced Latte, and you’ll catch how the taste of a dark roast is in rich synergy with the sweetness of cold milk. Caramel, creamy, and biscuit notes emerge to make a ICE INTENSO with milk an irresistible delight.

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